Laura Tolli adopts the attitude of an artist- a sonic sculptor of mood and atmosphere. Laura artfully selects the right song and plays it at the right moment, feeling into the theme of the songs and how the next song can elevate the energy and vibe of those guests who are enthusiastically dancing the night away.

That’s the higher-level thinking and planning that can make a wedding spectacular!

Laura believes that the art of being a wedding DJ is all about reading the energy of the crowd but most importantly, clear communication with the bride and groom. Laura spends the time to get to know the wedding couple and makes sure that the music played is a reflection of the couple and the atmosphere and vibe they want to create.

A romantic at heart, Laura puts in the time, energy and dedication to each wedding and understands the importance of this unique, once-in-a-lifetime day.

Laura says, “I truly believe that great music creates a great night and therefore great memories.”