Fab Tolli is a singer/songwriter and guitarist and has been actively working in the music industry across Australia for over 20 years.

Performing at hundreds of weddings, Fab has a repertoire with over 500 covers spanning through the decades from the 50’s to current hits. With an extensive music selection, Fab loves to read a crowd and plays something for everyone!

He has mastered the art of creating the right ambience and perfect mood, especially for ceremony and canapes. He effortlessly caters for your older guests with timeless classics and equally entertains the younger crowd with acoustic versions of music from the 90’s ‘till now!

The songs that Fab chooses and plays have been discussed in detail before the day and are tailored to meet your needs and desires. 

Fab can even collaborate with you and write your very own song. Imagine writing a personalised song from your heart for your partner, to be performed on your special day? Fab can make that happen! Fab can write a song based on the information you share with him and not only will play it live at just the right moment but also record it, so it’s yours to keep forever. Whether you want the tune from your favourite song and you change the lyrics or come up with a whole new song, the choice is yours.

Feel free to discuss this option further with Fab and get ready to collaborate and create something so unique that will last the generations to come.