Another great house visit!

We just love meeting new people who are interested is having us play on their special day. It’s such a great opportunity for us to get to know the Bride and Groom in person and for them to get to know us, before we begin all our email exchanges leading up to the Big Day. Fab also just loves playing the guitar and singing the songs they are considering. He could literally stay there all day doing requests if he could! But it is a fabulous way of them having a sample of all the special songs and what they will sound like on the day.

It’s a no charge and no obligation meeting, so we really do encourage everyone to sus us out and organize a meeting prior to committing. That way you can both rest assured and relax knowing that we’ve got it all the music entertainment needs covered from the very beginning of the day ‘till the last song at the end of the night.

Laura and Fabio Tolli